Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time in Mourning

If there were one series of posts I would hope to be visiting the least it would these.

Since my last "Time" post I have been trying to move back to my original schedule of shorter work periods on more days of the week.  I found that though, in theory, I could have have more intensely focused work sessions if I structured them with longer hours, I instead found that I just forced myself to work twice as long, at about a third of the productivity.  The hours were just too severe to hold focus and inevitably I would find myself just staring at the canvas in long intervals, not painting, not thinking, and not even moving.  The schedule was unmanageable while working a full time job during the day and managing a gallery at night.

I underestimated the power of the shorter and more frequent routine.  I forgot, in fact, that it was an actual "routine" and that routines build habits.  Habits are useful when you battle such things as phone calls from friends and family, broken bikes, overtime at work, emails, tax season, business bookkeeping, show curating, manager meetings, business meetings, more bookkeeping, doctors appointments, studio visits, dinner, groceries, family emergencies, more bookkeeping, computer trouble, birthdays, holidays, entertaining guests, picking up supplies, updating websites, mailing lists, networking...(it goes on like this)

The truth is that there is no perfect schedule beyond just trying to work during any brief and sadly fleeting opportunity you can.  I haven't made a real blog post in months now and it was definitely not due to a decision under my control.  But now that have control over my schedule again I am back at it.  Since I lost the routine, it will take time to set a regular posting schedule back in place.  And since I lost the routine, I lost the habit.  And since I lost the habit, all I see is the screen.  On that screen...


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